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As an Irwin Insight level 4 master trainer, Darcy’s focus is on the needs of the horse and how we can communicate and develop a trusting partnership.  This partnership is based on understanding who the horse is and figuring out who you are and bringing the two together. Learn to read and listen to the body language of the horse.

It starts with groundwork, learning about body language, boundaries, energies, alignment and how the horse moves. These same principles and skills are then applied to work in the saddle where we include timing and contact.

People learn about horse logic and not people logic,  No force or coercion, this non-resistance horse training creates that bond that we search for with our horse. 

This progressive training is aimed at producing a partnership based on trust and respect from the ground up where the journey encompasses both horse and human.  Come learn and develop Harmony through Horsemanship.


• Individual sessions, semi privates and small groups sessions (4 maximum) available.

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